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Lawn Strip

We have created a series of five treatments to keep your lawn healthy,weed free and looking beautiful all year round.

Spring Treatment


It's that time of year to start cutting your lawn.We apply an organic fertiliser to get your grass growing.We also apply a strong weedkiller to attack the weeds that are in your lawn.

Early Summer Treatment


Summer can be harsh on lawns, with a high risk of drought it is important your lawn is given the right nutrients to keep its vigour and freshness. Early summer feeding will prepare your lawn for the summer months, helping your lawn grow strong and healthy as the temperature rises and build its resistance to drought and weeds. The early summer fertiliser we use has zero phosphate and additional magnesium to provide a fresh summer colour to your lawn.

Summer Treatment


Summer is here and your Lawn is now looking great.We increase the nitrogen and this will make your lawn grow even quicker.This time of year you start getting weeds like lesser trefoil which is an irritating little yellow weed.We change our weedkiller to spray for these weeds.


Autumn is all about preparing your lawn for the cold months ahead when grass growth slows.Our Autumn Treatment is where we spray a mixture of seaweed and iron onto the lawns.We have seen some outstanding results from this treatment.


As you well know moss in a lawn is a nightmare.In winter when it's wet,cold and limited light this is where moss thrives.In no time at all you will find moss in your lawn.We apply a liquid moss killer that will not only kill the moss but it will also give your lawn a dark green colour throughout the winter months.

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