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The Team

A big complaint we hear from new customers is that there previous franchise company would send different people around throughout the year. Were an independent company with a small workforce that love to build a relationship with our customers. So throughout the year you will know who is turning up to look after your lawn.



In 2008 I started this company and I love the customers that I have. I have a passion for turf management and I love using new products and technology to get the best lawns for my customers. I truly believe I have the best lawns around. When I'm not working you would find me on a golf course having an argument with a little white ball.


Bradley Oliver

Before joining our company Bradley worked as a Greenkeeper at a Golf club in Newcastle. When he's not at work he loves fishing at his club in Durham and he also loves wild camping especially on Ray Mears holidays'. Don't be alarmed if he sets up camp in your back garden.



Elizabeth works in our office doing our admin and taking your calls. In her spare time she has to listen to her husband talking about Lawn care. She loves travel and her pet chihuahua Moses.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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