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Seaweed on your lawn

Its that time of year again where we apply an iron and seaweed treatment.But what are the benefits of Seaweed on your lawn.Obviously we don't just throw raw seaweed on your lawn like you find at the beach.We use seaweed extract which goes straight into the soil and Seaweed contains a wide range of nutrients and trace elements. Over the next few months your lawn will come under extreme stress with the weather.Seaweed is an organic fertiliser and the benefits are underrated. I'm a keen golfer and i always say if it's good enough for a golf course then i am certainly treating my customers lawns with the same products.Years and years ago Links courses up and down Britain used to literally collect Seaweed off the beaches in winter.They would then lay the seaweed onto the golf greens in to protect the greens and the seaweed would penetrate the soil and enhance the greens.Today science has moved on and we get the same benefits but in liquid form.We mix this with liquid iron and that is why at this time of year our lawns carry on with that lush green colour we have had this year in spring and summer.

  • Improved colour

  • Increased growth of leaves or root

  • Lawn stays greener for longer in periods of drought

  • Lawn returns to normal state quicker after periods of high stress

  • Disease tolerance increased

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